Pilot Episode

2009: Actor Matthew Dowling & writer/director Tim Pingel during a q&a after screening
their movie 'Hooker's Inc.' at the Laemmle Grand 4 Plex in downtown Los Angeles.
Topics Include: The Mandela Effect, Disney White Slavers, Ashton Kutcher & WKRP in Cincinnati.

The Coffeepotcast welcomes in Matt Dowling to co-host and announce the official launch of Dowling's new podcast. Episode 31 turns into a journey down new roads with The Mandela effect...which seems to be in full effect. We get into lot's of solid movie talk as expected with Matt Dowling's film prowess. We eventually end up covering everything from WKRP in Cincinnati to Ashton Kutchar's controversial Ancient Asian therapy over the Holidays.

"A sick mind deserves another, especially during the holidays" ~Ryburn

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