Episode 2

Topics Include: What makes a successful relationship, joining S.A.G, filming 'Airheads' and 'Wayne's World 2' and Maxim parties. Tim recalls an old HEART concert and the time he snuck into 'The Magic Castle', while Matt talks about a crazy road-trip and crashing the old Tower Records store on Sunset Blvd for Colin Hanks new Documentary 'All Things Must Pass'.

Episode 1

Joseph Fiennes plays the legendary King of Pop Michael Jackson in the 911 film, 'Marlon, Michael and Elizabeth'.

Topics Include: The Michael Jackson 911 Movie, John Landis, Oprah Winfrey Doing Weight Watchers Commercials, The Flint Michigan Water Crisis & The Nannies of Studio City, Ca.

Pilot Episode

2009: Actor Matthew Dowling & writer/director Tim Pingel during a q&a after screening
their movie 'Hooker's Inc.' at the Laemmle Grand 4 Plex in downtown Los Angeles.
Topics Include: The Mandela Effect, Disney White Slavers, Ashton Kutcher & WKRP in Cincinnati.